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Chocolate Bunnies and Eggs orniesPattern

Get ready for Easter with this chocolate bunny and Easter Bowl Filler pattern!

The chocolate bunnies come in 2 sizes ~ 7" and 11" tall and are made from painted muslin that has a special cinnamon technique and aging process!

The eggs are 3 1/2" tall and made from homespun. You get special tips and ideas on how to make these!

You get the step by step, easy to follow, instructions on how to make them all plus the templates, and my staining techniques and the color photo!

These are great for bowls, wreaths, swags, garlands or even to just have in your houseplants, or sitting around to decorate for Easter!



Daisies Bag!

He Loves Me, He loves me NOT!


This primitive, whimsical, country style daisies and burlap bag says it all!


Made from stained up muslin and burlap, the flowers are easy to make and can be as long as you want, however, the instructions are for 8"-9" long flowers tucked inside this burlap bag!


Make as many as you like! You can sell them wherever you want, but PLEASE mention MULBERRYMEMORIES as your pattern source!


In the pattern, you get complete step by step instructions on how to make the daisies and the 9"x9" burlap bag. You get the traceable templates, supplies list, a color photo for reference, and my special staining, grunging, dying techniques!


These are fast, easy and fun to make and perfect for the beginner seamstress!

Thanks so much for lookin!




St.Patrick's Day Shamrocks!

Make these beautiful shamrock bowl filler ornies from my NEW original pattern!

The shamrocks range from size 3 1/2" to 7" tall and are made from muslin, painted and glittered up with old fashioned MICA flakes!

You get the templates for all 3 sizes, complete, step by step instructions on how to make them, my special Staining, grunging techniques page, and all my secrets for how to make the perfect shamrock! 

You also get a small bag of MICA flakes for FREE included in the paper mailed pattern! 

These are so fun and EASY to make!! You'll want to make a ton of them to use on grapevine wreaths, swags, garlands, in bowls, in a table decoration or get some little luggage tags and write or stamp luck, etc. on them and give them as gifts for good luck all year!



Bunnies and Carrots!

Well, the bunnies raided the garden and they're hangin' out in this old, vintage, cheese box !

This is just one idea for what you can do with these cute little rabbits!

The bunnies are made from Warm and Natural that has been grubbied up real good! They have stitched noses, and bead eyes and can be posed! They are 8" tall!

The carrots are 4" long and are made from painted muslin with some sculpting done at just the right places!

They have homespun tops!

In the pattern, you get complete, step-by-step instructions on how to make the rabbits and carrots, painting instructions, the templates, a color photo to use as a guide, my TIPS, and a free staining and grunging techniques sheet!




Spring Tulips!

In this pattern, you get complete, step-by-step instructions on how to make BOTH styles of tulips! The 2 sided, folk-art style and the gathered petals realistic looking tulips!

You get a nice color photo to use as a guide, the templates, the supply list, plus my staining sheet!

There are many uses for these tulips including, make a bunch for a favorite vase, stick them in a potted ivy plant, make a tulip box as shown, or just tie them together for a gift for someone you love!

You can make these for your craft shows, webpage, even EBAy, but Please  Please mention MulberryMemories as your pattern source!  I really appreciate that!  Please do NOT redistribute my EPatterns or Patterns through your email.






Spring and Easter Bunny Ornies and eggs Pattern!

    Great for Easter and spring! These country and primitive style, bunny rabbits, and eggs are just the perfect thing for your decorative needs for wreaths, swags, bowl fillers, garlands, or just to set around or in plants!

In the pattern, you get complete, easy to follow instructions on how to make the country bunny head ornie, the primitive bunny head ornie, and the 3 eggs shown. You also get complete instructions on how to paint the large egg.!! It's very easy!

You also get my ageing, staining, dying instruction page and the color photo to use as a guide!

The ornaments sizes are: Country and Prim bunny-5 1/2" tall, large egg, 5" tall x 4" wide, and the small egg is 3 1/2" tall.

I have included primitive style as well as country style to suit all your needs!




Fabric Peaches and Strawberries

Make these wonderful, life like, fake food Strawberries and peaches which are great for any table center piece, favorite bowl, etc.!

The peaches are about 3" - 4" long and the strawberries are 2"-3".

The pattern comes with complete instructions on how to make and paint the fruits. You get the pattern templates, the supplies list and my special staining and dying instruction page!

This pattern is available in email pattern and paper mailed pattern formats! Please click the appropriate button to purchase below.

This pattern is fairly easy to make with minimum sewing skills necessary.



Fabric Peaches and Strawberries



enter pie