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Here you will find all my primitive and country prim ornies for your wreaths, swags, trees, and great as gifts!

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Reindeer Ornaments!

All ready for Christmas are my new little Reindeer Ornies!

They're made from stained, grunged up muslin, with painted faces and sturdy covered wire antlers!

Each of their faces have been lovingly painted, even little Rudolph, who barely has his antlers! Poor baby!


They have old grungy flannel ties and a nice rusty hanger on top that can easily be removed if you need these on a wreath or as bowl fillers, etc.!

No 2 are alike!


I have included a picture with a  lighter background so you can see their antlers!

Don't miss out on these for this holiday season!

$17.95 + $4.80 sh



Gingerbread Men! Set of 3

The oven's on and the gingerbread's baking!

These 3 gingerbread ornies are just the right touch for the season, made from muslin and cinnamon/coffee goo, baked to prim perfection!

They are 7 1/2" tall and stuffed all plump and nice!  They have painted eyes and buttons tied on and homespun scarves around their necks and prim icing at just the right spots!

No 2 are exactly alike and they're full of charm! These work great on wreaths, swags, in a bowl, stuck in a plant or just anywhere and make a great Mother's Day present!

$7.50 + $4.80 sh





Prim Santa Head Ornies!

These 3 primitive Santa head ornies are made from stained muslin with pinched stitched noses, and painted eyes.

I used real Sheep's wool for their hair and beards.

The stained homespun hats are trimmed with grunged warm 'n' natural with a rusty bell on the end!

They have a string hanger attached that can be snipped off if you want to display these on a wreath, swag, or for bowl fillers!

The ornaments are 7"-8" counting their beards!

$10.50 +$4.80sh



Prim Candy Canes painted!

It's time to get ready for the holiday season!!! Please order early as I get really backlogged on these!

These 3 Primitive Candy Canes are the perfect addition to your decor!  They are made by me, from tea and coffee stained muslin and hand painted to prim perfection.  These are simple canes for a primitive look!!

The are tied with old fashioned jute and have Rusty Tin Stars on them! They are about 7 1/2" long!

Star sizes may vary!

These look great hanging from a garland, swag, wreath, or your tree, or just put them in a dish and display.

$7.00 + $2.50 1st cl sh



Country Painted Candy Canes!

It's time to get ready for the holiday season!!! These 3 Country Prim  Candy Canes are the perfect addition to your decor!  They are made by me, from tea and coffee stained muslin. The stripes are hand painted.  

The are tied with green homespun and are sprinkled with Mica Flakes for a great old fashioned look!  They are about 7 1/2" long!

These look great hanging from a garland, swag, wreath, or your tree, or just put them in a dish and display.

$8.00 + $2.50 1st cl sh



7" Snowman ornies!

It's time for the snow to fly! Decorate with these 5 snowmen Ornies for the perfect country prim touch!

The snowmen are made from warm and natural with stitched carrot noses and painted on eyes!  They have special "coal" buttons down the front, homespun ties, real stick arms, and a generous amount of old fashioned MICA flakes sprinkled all over! The snowmen are about 7" tall and ready to warm your heart for the upcoming holidays!

They look great as bowl fillers, on a wreath, swag, in a basket or arrangement, or if you like, when you win them, just let me know that you would like hangers attached to them for your tree!

$9.00 + $4.80 sh



Homespun Lollipop Suckers Ornies!

Decorate your tree with these wonderfully prim homespun lollipop ornies!

They're made from different homespun prints with a cinnamon stick stick! They're tied off with natural jute and are about 8" tall!

They are sparkled up with prim MICA flakes for a great glow!

You get 5 suckers with hangers!

$9.95 +$4.80



Gingerbread Faces Ornaments!

This group of gingerbread ORNIES , 6 all together, are made by me from muslin that has been grunged and coffee/cinnamon stained! 

They're about 4"wide by 3 1/2" tall, not counting the bows and ties!

They have painted on faces and nice icing!

The girls have homespun bows on their heads and the boys have ties! They're a cute group and would be great on wreaths, swags, garlands, the tree, or in a bowl in the kitchen!

There are 3 girls and 3 boys!

They've been sprayed with wonderful gingerbread scent spray!

$10.95 + $2.50 1st cl sh




Prim  Winter Trees!

These 3 trees are perfect to add that special country prim touch to any area for Christmas and winter and are great to leave up after Christmas for your January snowmen!

They are made by me from my own original pattern, from coffee cinnamon stained muslin, a beautiful country sage gingham fabric, and a quilt top piece of deep sages, greens, reds, and browns!! Fabrics may vary!

One is 10 1/2" and 2 are 7 1/2" tall, not counting the real cinnamon sticks that the 2 smaller ones have for trunks!

They have rusty tin stars at the tops and rusty tin star garlands on 2 of them. The other one has a rusty tin wire old button garland!

These are great to stick in greenery like I have in the picture. Add some little white lights and pine cones and it looks great!

$8.95 + $4.80 sh


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