Welcome to my Winter Ornaments, (Ornies), page!

Winter includes: Christmas items, Snowmen, Valentines and St. Patrick's Day, so please follow the additional page numbers at the bottom of each page!

Here you will find all my primitive and country prim ornies for your wreaths, swags, trees, and great as gifts!

If you are purchasing more than 1 item, please email me before checking out for the correct shipping rate. When I combine the items in one box, your shipping will be less.

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Snowman Ornies Bowl Fillers!

These will be great to decorate any wreath, bowl, swag, tree, or just place them around your house for a nice, warm cozy winter welcome!

The SNOWMAN ORNIES are made from warm and natural fabric that has been grubbied and grunged up a bit for a time worn look!

They have hand stitched noses that are prim and proper, cause no one's perfect and they have special "coal" eyes and mouths!

They're wearin' their own SANTA hats with warm and natural trim and a rusty look bell tied on to the ends!

The snowmen ornies are about 4 1/2"wide and you get 5!

They smell great too with my cinnamon yummy spray!

$9.00 + $4.80 sh



Prim Snowman Ornies Bowl Fillers


These 3 primitive snowmen ornaments are hand made by me from warm 'n' natural batting that has been stained to look old!

They have stitched on noses and 'coal' eyes and mouths!     

They have painted, grunged muslin hats with little nests and birds on top! Each one has a different bird!

One has a black grungy crow, one has a little brown and white bird, and one has a red bird sitting in a moss nest on top of their hats, with red berries and holly decorating their hats! They also have old stained cheesecloth ties around the hats!

You get all 3 ornaments

$9.00 +$4.80 sh



Country snowman ornaments!

They're made from warm 'n' natural batting with stitched carrot noses, and my special "snowman coal" eyes and mouths!

They have on homespun caps with fringe on top, fluffy white trim, and a nice rusty bell tied on!

  You get all 3 ornaments in the set and they are 5 1/2" x4" with a nice hanger attached!

They are sprinkled up real nice with German Glass glitter for a great prim sparkle!

These would make great bowl fillers, as well as tree ornaments, or wreath decoration, or package ties!

$9.00 + $4.80 sh






Ribbon Candy Ornaments!

This ribbon candy is so cute, sparkly, and perfect for your decorating needs this holiday season!

This candy is new for me this year, made from my own pattern and shaped with my special technique!

I made the candies from beautiful striped cottons, and glittered them up really nice with some German Glass Glitter!

They are about 4" inches long and 1 1/4" wide, with rusty wire hangers and ready to display on your holiday tree, wreath, garland or even in an old bowl!

You get 6 pieces made from various fabrics that will last year after year!

Make these a holiday tradition to pass on for generations to come!

$12.95 + $4.80 sh



 Old Fashioned Christmas Candy!

Decorate your favorite Table top or hutch with my new wrapped, old fashioned mint Christmas Candy!

It's made from cotton and wrapped up in cellophane wrappers!

You will be able to leave this out all year and fool all your friends and family!

You get 14 pieces, scented with a refreshing peppermint fragrance, that measure approx. 2 1/2" in length!

These candy pieces make a great gift item too!

$9.95 + $2.50 1st cl sh



Christmas Carolers Ornaments!

These cute Chistmas Carolers are singing the praises just in time for the holiday season!

They are made from dyed muslin with painted faces, wool hair, and nice wintry fabrics with beautiful fur trims!

One is holding a book of Carols, one is holding a handmade candle, and the last one has a nice little Holly Wreath with berries!


Their arms are bendable and they have hangers that can be tucked behind them if you want to display these as bowl fillers!

The Caroler ornaments are 5"-6" tall and about 5" wide.

You get all three ornaments!

$12.95 + $4.80 sh



Prim Wrapped Candy Canes!

It's time to stock up on those Christmas Tree Ornaments!

I have made up some of my Candy Canes that work perfectly on your trees!

These Canes are made form stained and grunged up muslin and wrapped with some stained painted, color washed red muslin!

I stained them again and sprinkled them with beautiful German Glass Glitter!  They really sparkle but it's hard to capture that in a photo! You will love these!

I added a little prim tag that says: Prim Canes!

You get 6 of my 8" long candy canes, and they will come to you scented with a very nice, refreshing peppermint scent!

$11.95 + $3.00 1st cl sh



Prim rolled Suckers! 5


  These lollipop suckers are just perfect and oh so cute for your holiday tree!

They look good in a jar or bowl too!

They're made from stained muslin fabric that I have carefully hand painted and rolled and attached to a real cinnamon stick!

  Then I sprinkled them with beautiful German Glass Glitter and Old fashioned Mica Flakes!

I tied some nice homespun strips around them for a great prim  look!

You get all 5 of these suckers !

They are about 6"-7" long and come with rusty wire hangers attached to the top! 

The are easily removed if you do not wish to hang these.

These lollipops are different sizes and thicknesses but all are about the same length.

$11.95 + $3.00 1st cl sh



Christmas Elf Ornaments!

I  just thought I'd show you who will be working on the toys and gifts this year!

These 3 Elf ornaments are hand made by me out of stained muslin. I didn't not grunge or grub this any this time. I can do that before sending if you would like!  Just let me know!

They have painted eyes and mouths, and hand sculpted noses!

Each elf has it's own personality for sure!


They have yarn hair and homespun hats with fluffy fur trim! The hats each have a rusty bell sewn to the end, and I added a string hanger to each!

The boys are about 4 1/2" -5" wide and 3" tall and boy do they look cute hanging on a tree!!

These are great as bowl fillers too or to use on wreaths, swags, package decorations, or for a special Elf collector in your family!

 $9.95 + $3.00 1st cl sh




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