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Here you will find all my primitive and country prim ornies for your wreaths, swags, trees, Bowl Fillers, and great as gifts!

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Fresh Peaches!


Back from the fruit stand with a sack of fresh, juicy peaches! Nothing says summer better than that!

I made these peaches from color washed muslin, with a little hand sculpting, some real sticks stems, and

some with some color washed leaves!


The peaches are about 3" tall, stuffed real plump and firm, and no 2 are alike!


These were so fun to make and you get all 5 peaches in the old fashioned paper sack with moss!

They also look great in your favorite old bowl sitting on the table!


They come sprayed with heavenly Fresh Peach DRY spray, from



$14.95 + $4.80 sh





Strawberries Basket!


Fresh from the fruit stand!

It's that time again and I long for the disappearing road side fruit stands and Farmer's Markets!

These primitive strawberries are made by me from painted, sanded, and stained muslin.

I have sculpted the berries and added painted muslin tops.

You get the strawberry crate, and 8 fresh prim fabric strawberries with some beautiful creamy pip berries and a prim tag that says "Prim Berries"!

I haven't permanently attached the berries in the crate because I think they look really great displayed like in the picture with one laying out, but they will come secured in a bag, so they won't fall out!

The wooden strawberry crate is 5"x 5" and is 4 1/2" deep.

This would look so cute on a buffet, or hutch or in the kitchen on a cabinet top or shelf!

They smell yummy spritzed with my strawberry room spray!

$10.95 + $4.80sh




Little Green Apples!

Fresh from the Apple Tree!  These little green apples fresh from the tree are made from color washed muslin with real stick stems and muslin painted leaves on some.

They are the small green apples like I remember from my childhood that we would pick from the backyard tree and are about 3"-4". 

A couple have little leaves and you get 5 with the little lunch bag sized brown paper bag stuffed with nice natural moss!

This makes a great display and conversation piece!


$14.95 + $4.80




It's Apple Harvest Time!  

I have taken a market basket and filled it with moss and 5 of my handmade apples!

Sorry the basket is NOT included. It's just to show how cute these look!

The apples are made from color washed muslin in colors of reds, greenish red, and yellow!  They are 4" tall, the size of a regular apple and they have real stick stems! A few of them still have their leaves! Finally, I added a prim tag that says, " Apples 5 ˘".

You get 5 apples, for gift giving or display!

$14.95 + $4.80



Summer Watermelon Set!


Remember those hot summer days where you cut a nice, plump, juicy, ice cold watermelon out on the picnic table!

This watermelon set is made from my summer day memories just in time for the hot weather!


You get a watermelon half, 2 wedges, and 3 slices!  Oops!  Someone took a bite outta one!

The watermelon half is about 9" long and 7" high!  It's plump and striped with a real stick stem in the end!  It's about the size of a real half!

The wedges are 10" long and about 3 1/2" tall.

The slices are 4" tall and 3 1/2"across the rind!

They're all made from painted muslin with painted on seeds. I lightly stained them to age them a little.

I added a prim tag that says melons 5 cents.

These will look great in your favorite old country prim bowl, on your dining room table, this summer!

Makes a great gift too!

$19.95 + $6.00 sh





 Watermelon  Wedges!

Don't let the crows eat up these primitive watermelon pieces!

They're made from painted muslin and are 4 1/2" tall and about 4" wide across the bottom.

You get 6 watermelon pieces to fill any container, bowl, etc. for a great summertime look that won't go bad! Perfect for gifts too!

No flies allowed! :)

$5.95 + $2.50 lst class mail



Watermelon Rounds!

It's summer for sure and what says summer better than a bunch of juicy, red, watermelon! I sliced this one up in rounds for a perfect summer display!

The watermelon is made from painted muslin and is primmed just a little!

The rounds are 7" and are red meat, with seeds and a nice rind!  You get 5 pieces for your display in a basket, or on a plate, in a bowl, etc!

$14.95 + $4.80



Summertime Lemons and Slices!

Time for lemons and lemonade!  What better way to say summer than with nice lemons for summertime treats!

I have made these lemons from painted muslin and stained lightly for a great prim look!

You get 3 full lemons and 3 slices.

 The lemons are 3 1/2" - 4" tall and the slices are 2".

Don't they look real and they will be perfect for any bowl or kitchen/dining room display!

These make a great gift item too!

$7.95 + $4.80




Watermelon Pieces!

Perfect Summertime Prim Display!

My new stained up watermelon wedges make the perfect table decoration!

However, my pan is NOT included, but they would good in any old container you have around the house!

They're made from painted muslin and are 7 1/2" wide.

You get all 5 pieces!!

$9.99 + $4.80 sh



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