Welcome to MulberryMemories!

A little about me......................


I'm Becky and I live in Oklahoma, home of the OU Sooners, my favorite team!  I'm married since 1977 and have 3 children, 2 grown boys and a teen-age daughter.
      I chose this seller name from memories of growing up here in Oklahoma, where the summers were long and hot and my sister and I played outdoors all day long!  We would play up and down the alley ways behind our house, picking and eating the berries from the wild mulberry bushes that lined them along with the blue coneflowers and bachelor buttons!  Those are great memories for me,  hence the name MulberryMemories!

    I've been crafting since 1981 but have always had an interest in creating things and made honest attempts when I was young!  I began making salt dough items, doing local craft shows and having a ball!!! But I have always had a love for painting and sewing and soon evolved to doll making! 
I started on EBAY in 2003, with much success, thanks to the wonderful people I have met online!  I strive to provide the best product, fast, dependable service, and I'm very flexible and easy to get along with, so if there's anything you need, let's work together! 
     I'm excited about the upcoming year as I have many plans for new and different country and primitive style gifts and home decor!  I have recently started marketing my patterns and have many plans for more of those too! I design most of my items myself, draw my own patterns, and learn the hard way~by trial and error!  If I use someone elses pattern, it will state so!

I also have my patterns on PatternMart.com ::. Our Patterns - Search Results, under Mulberry Memories, where you purchase the pattern, then download it instantly to print!

I have recently just added a couple of patterns to Etsy.com, but I'm still working to stock up there!
      So, please bookmark my website and check back often.  I will be adding things all the time!! Thank you for visiting my website and my about me page and if you have a question or comment, please email me! 

My other passions are 1940's music and the computer and I'm always near by!

     Have a wonderfully creative day!

Sincerely , Becky~Mulberrymemories