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Please allow 1 week to make the items. Sometimes I have them in stock and they will be ready to ship, but I will note that if that's the case.


PLEASE NOTE! None of my items are intended for children or to be used as toys. They are for decorative purposes only. Thanks!~

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Primitive Sunflower Crow Wreath!

This Sunflower Crow wreath is perfectly prim for your decorating needs!

The grapevine wreath is approx. 15"x13 1/2".

I added some beautiful natural moss, 7 of my handmade prim sunflowers, 2 grunged crows, a stained and aged star, some drieds, and a primmed tag that says Welcome!

The sunflowers are made from color washed, stained and grunged muslin, with hand-tufted centers.  They are about 3". There are 7 on the wreath!

The crows are made from color washed muslin, heavily primmed! They are 7" long! There's 2 on the wreath!

The wreath is perfect for a door hanging, or under your mantle, or just any place you need some prim grungy charm!


$14.95 + $8.00 sh



Primitive Sunflowers, Mouse, Lady bug Lamp!

Rain Rain go away!! But April Showers bring May flowers and  flowers are just the right thing for a little field mouse to shelter himself from the rain!

 I made this lamp in a vintage, antique 9"x3" Wooden cheesebox, stuffed with lots of nice natural moss, 7 of my grungy, handmade sunflowers, (or brown-eyed susans), one of which serves as the little mouse's umbrella! The mouse was made from a pattern by  Wendy of Staglaneprimitives 

The mouse is made from stained warm n natural with bead eyes and a hand stitched nose.   The mouse is about 4" tall. Doesn't he have character, standing there clutching that flower umbrella with his little hand! :)

I added a cute little hand made ladybug who needs an umbrella too!  The mouse will share for sure!~ Field critters have to stick together!

My electric candle lamp has a wispy silicone bulb and an ON/OFF switch for your convenience! I tied some dyed cheesecloth around it too!

The sunflowers are about 3" in diameter and made from painted, grunged, aged muslin with hand tufted centers. You can see the April showers collecting on the flower heads! They have real stick stems and dyed cheesecloth leaves!

Finally, I added some beautiful, aromatic SWEET ANNIE sprigs, and some red/orange pip berries, and a nice prim tag that says April Showers!

$19.99 + $5.50 sh




Prim Fall Scarecrow Couple Dolls!


It's almost fall and these 2 scarecrows are guarding the cornfields with all their expertise! They've made some friends along the way!

The dolls are made by me from stained muslin, a cute fall cotton print, and some nice fall colored homespun fabric!

The girl is 18" tall and is carrying her 4" long corn she's harvested in her pocket of her apron!

She has a painted face and bows mixed in her straw scarecrow hair!

She's wearing patched pantaloons under her dress and the apron on top!

The boy is 21" tall counting his little crow friend on top of his hat and he's wearing some nice autumn pants and a scarecrow print shirt. He has a straw hat and the 4" crow on top! He's carrying a 5" pumpkin too!

The corn is made from painted muslin and is 4" long. You get 3 pieces tucked nicely in her pocket!

The pumpkin is made from painted muslin and has a real stick stem. It's about 5" from top of the stem to the bottom of the pumpkin!

The crow is attached securely to the hat!

You get BOTH dolls, the corn, and the pumpkin!

$30.00 +$5.75 sh



Old Fashioned Caramel Apples!

Fake Food!


Get ready for Fall with my Old fashioned caramel apples Fake food!

 The caramel apples are made from painted muslin with a real cinnamon stick handle!

They are 7" tall and look like the real thing!

They're tied with some nice raffia with some fake nuts sprinkled on top!

These look great sitting on your table or counter on an old plate or tray!

They are sprayed with caramel apple scent!

Perfect for a nice Autumn decoration in the kitchen or dining room!

$14.95 + 4.80 sh



Witch Face Rusty Bed Spring Make-DO!


Get ready for Halloween with this primitive make do, witch head on a rusty spring!

The witch is made from painted muslin and is 20" tall from the bottom of the spring to the top of the hat.  It's 17" from the bottom of the head to the top of the hat!

The witch has green shining button eyes and a green tinted face with a black grunged up hat!  It's tied with coffee stained cheesecloth and some bronze colored netting around the neck!

She has real sheep's wool hair too!

This is so awesome sitting on a hutch!

$9.95 + $5.20 sh




Primitive Pumpkins and Old Crow!

Fresh from the pumpkin patch!!

These 3 hand made pumpkins are perfect to dress up your home for the fall!!

They're made from muslin that has been washed with color, then stained and grunged and everything blended nicely!!  The biggest pumpkin is 11" tall counting the old prim crow that sits on top!

The crow is 10" tall and is made from color washed, dyed, muslin then stained and grunged up with coffee/vanilla and cinnamon! I have hand sculpted his beak and eyes! He is stitched on the pumpkin so he won't be flyin' off!

The medium pumpkin is 9" and the small one is 7".  They all have burlap leaves that have been washed with color here and there!

I've added some natural moss and real stick stems to the pumpkins and on the large pumpkin, I added a prim tag that says Pumpkins 5˘!!

This pumpkin patch looks great with a little straw and some sunflowers in any room you like! It would make a great centerpiece for this fall too!!


$12.00 + $5.50 sh



Enchanted Witch-Face hat!

The Spooky, Witchy season will be here before you know it!

This Witch-face Hat  is the perfect touch for your Halloween decor!

I made this hat from a pattern from Lucy's Lazy Dayz Primitives!!! Thank you so much!

Lucy says this witch has been  enchanted and imprisoned in her hat! I just love that!

The hat is made from paintwashed and stained muslin with a hand-sculpted face! She has button eyes!  Her face is stained with a deep green color wash that fades out into the grungy black and coffee/cinnamon stain hat! 

I tied a grungy piece of old cheesecloth around it and added a vintage print Halloween tag! I  also bent down the hat tip and added a rusty tin star to the end!

The hat measure about 17" tall with the brim about 15" across!

This will definitely make a great conversation piece!


$17.95 + $6.20






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