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Here you will find all my Lamps, Wreaths, Swags, Trees, and different decorative items for all your Home decorating needs!

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Please allow 1 week to make the items. Sometimes I have them in stock and they will be ready to ship, but I will note that if that's the case.

All the trees usually weigh between 4 and 5 lbs, boxed.

PLEASE NOTE! None of my items are intended for children or to be used as toys. They are for decorative purposes only. Thanks!~

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Easter Decorator Tree


Easter is coming and this is the perfect 'Must Have" for your decorating needs! Think of this sitting on your Easter table or in your dining room, adding just the right primitive country touch!

This tree is 24"-27" tall and has a burlap covered  base.

The tree is packed full of prim goodies with 6 prim rabbits, 6 prim carrots, 6 prim eggs, and lots of beautiful pastel colored pip berries and a string of sparkling white lights!

The prim bunny ornies are 5"-6" tall and made from coffee/cinnamon stained muslin with stitched ears, mouth, and nose and painted eyes.  You get 6 bunnies!

The eggs are 3 1/2" tall and are made from painted muslin, stuffed up real plump and then put through my grunging process!  They are in colors of prim green, yellow, blue, pink, orange, and purple! You get 6 eggs!

The carrots are made from painted muslin that I coffee/cinnamon stained and baked! The tops are homespun! They are 5" long and you get 6 grungy carrots!

You get 18 ornaments in all plus the lights, the tree,  and tons of beautiful pastel pink, green and creamy white pips!

Everything is secured on the tree and will be shipped that way. All you will have to do is rearrange some branches maybe and straighten things out some. I'll do my best to pack this tree for stability.

$48.00 + $9.50 sh



Autumn Mix Decorator Tree!

Welcome Fall with my Autumn Mix Tree!

The tree is a beautiful, about 24" tall Evergreen Pine Tree with a burlap wrapped base.

I have added a crow topper and 6 more smaller crows, 6 fall pumpkins, 6 Sunflowers, some beautiful white lights and some creamy pip berries throughout!

The crows are 6" long and made from painted muslin that has been baked with my coffee/cinnamon mix! You get 6 plus the topper which is 8" long!

The pumpkins are 3 1/2" tall with real stick stems and nice natural moss on top! You get 6 pumpkins! They are painted with wonderful fall colors of orange, gold, green, and browns!

The sunflowers are made from painted muslin with hand tufted centers! They are 3" ! You get 6 of the flowers too!

That's 19 ornies all together on this tree plus the pip berries and lights!

Finally, I added a prim tag that says Welcome Fall!

I have to say that the pictures don't do this justice!! It will come shipped as seen! You won't have to put the ornaments on the tree, in other words. I try my best to pack my trees as securely as I can, however, you may have to rearrange and reposition some of the items due to shipping. 

$48.00 + $9.50 sh



All things Gingerbread Decorator Kitchen Tree!


This tree is really cute and full of ornaments, 22 to be exact, for the Gingerbread collector!

It's made using a 17" tree with 20 white lights! This tree will have a burlap wrapped bottom and NOT in the coffee can shown. There are cinnamon stick pieces wired all over it!

I added:
3 Gingerbread ornies-made from stained and cinnamoned muslin with painted faces and homespun head rags! They are 2".
3 Gingerbread dolls-made from stained and cinnamoned muslin with homespun ties and the tree topper gingerbread man has little buttons! They all have icing! They are 3".
5 Iced red hearts-made from painted muslin with icing and a sprinkle of cinnamon! They are 2".
6 Iced molasses cookies-made from stained, cinnamoned muslin, covered with icing! They are 2".
1 metal Strainer-4"
1 metal Sifter-2"
1 metal Grater-3"
1 metal Colander-1 1/2"
and 1 metal Beater! -4"
Perfect for a kitchen tree!
I also added beautiful red and primitive cream colored pip berries and tied homespun all over the tree!

This tree would be beautiful anyplace you need a little gingerbread charm! All the ornaments are wired to the tree and it will come packed nicely with only minor fluffing and readjusting required.


$48.00 + $9.50 sh



Spooky Sparkly Halloween Tree!

The tree is about 24" tall loaded with ornaments, pip berries, leaves, and orange spooky lights!

The pictures don't do this tree justice! It's beautiful all lit up!

You get 16 hand made ornaments all wired on securely!

The tree will come as seen with only minimal adjusting and fluffing required!

You get 6 prim, stained, ghosts made from a nice cotton. They are 5" tall. They have orange and black homespun ties and painted faces!

You get 5 hand made, Hand sculpted, painted faced jack-o-lanterns with Cinnamon stick stems! They are 3" tall.

You also get 5 hand made little black bats made from color washed and grunged muslin!  They cute as can be and 4 1/2"wide and 4" long.

Finally, I have added some beautiful fall leaves and orange pip berries and a string of 50 Orange lights!

This tree has a burlap base and a nice prim Halloween Tag!

$48.00 + $9.50 sh




Snowman , SnowStuff Tree!

Nothing says winter better than a frosty snowman tree, packed full of snowmen heads, mittens, boots, hats, and perfectly prim tarnished stars!  


 You get 23 ornaments on this 24" tree!!  I also added a string of beautiful white lights and tons of creamy white pip berries! Read on for more detail about this magical winter tree!


You get 6 of my painted muslin tarnished stars, one used as the tree top! The stars are about 4". 

You also get 3 of my handmade mittens that are made from beautiful blue flannel with a nice fur top. The mittens are 3" tall.

 You get 3 matching flannel hats with a fringy top. The hats are about 3" too!

You get 6 painted muslin boots with nice fur tops and laces down the front! They are 3 1/2" tall! 

Then you get 5 snowman heads made from warm and natural, with stitched on carrot noses and stitched eyes and mouths!  They are about 3" wide and you get 5!

Finally, I sprinkled the whole tree with a nice fine dusting of artificial snow!!!

This tree is stunning all lit up and will add the perfect touch to your country prim holidays!

 The tree will come as seen, with minimal rearranging needed. 

All the ornaments are wired on and I will pack the tree just as it is.

$48.00 + $9.50 sh








Cupids and hearts Valentine Tree!

This is my special design home decor tree!


The tree is about 24" tall and loaded with lots of beautiful Valentine sentiments!

You get 6 of my handmade 6" tall cupid silhouettes with their bows and arrows, 8 prim hearts, which are about 2 1/2" tall, 4 are color washed red and 4 are dyed muslin, all are stained up real nice!

Then I filled the tree in with beautiful creamy pip berries!

There's a string of sparkling white lights and the base of the tree is burlap covered!

The pictures don't do this tree justice and it is stunning all lit up!

The cupids are made from dyed muslin and are 6" tall with felted wool hair! There's several colors of hair and the picture of the one that looks orange is actually a butterscotch color.

They have stained up cheesecloth ties and are holding a real stick bow and arrow and sanded wood heart arrow!

All the cupids have been stained and baked to prim perfection!


$59.00 +$9.50 sh






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