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Please allow 1 week to make the items. Sometimes I have them in stock and they will be ready to ship, but I will note that if that's the case.

PLEASE NOTE! None of my items are intended for children or to be used as toys. They are for decorative purposes only. Thanks!~

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Leprechaun Hat, Lucky Shamrocks, and his old worn pipe!


Many years ago in a forest far away lived a legendary leprechaun shoe maker. Many people tried to find him by listening for the tap, tap, tap of his hammer.


As stories were told, the person who found the leprechaun was then to receive his lucky pot of gold he had hidden there. But you could not take your eyes off him; not for a second, and he would often try to trick you into looking away.


Found in the forest was this Leprechaun’s hat, his lucky shamrocks, and his pipe.


No one to this day has found the lucky pot of gold, or have they?


 The perfect way to decorate for St. Patrick's Day!

You get the hat, hand made by me from painted muslin that has been aged and baked and cinnamon sprinkled!  The hat is 8" tall with a 10" wide brim.  I tied a piece of homespun around it and fastened on an old buckle and added a prim tag that says, Luck!

The buckle may be a little different than shown.

The shamrocks are made from painted muslin that I used a special paint wash on, stained them up a little and then sprinkled them with great old fashioned MICA flakes! You get 3 shamrocks, ranging from 3 1/2" to 6 1/2" tall.

You also get the leprechaun's old pipe! It's been aged a little for a great prim look! I also added the story of the leprechaun to be displayed along with these items!


$24.50 + $6.50 sh



Old Fashioned Saltbox House Lamp

Prim and Proper is what you call this "Home Sweet Home" Saltbox Welcome Lamp!

It's made from an old antique, vintage, Cheese box, stuffed with lots of nice natural moss, 5 of my handmade saltbox houses, some prim creamy pip berries, an electric welcome lamp, and a strand of old rusty tin star garland!

There's stars up in the sky for sure!

I added a prim tag that is stamped with "Home Sweet Home"!

The saltbox houses are 2 sizes, approx. 4" and 4  1/2" tall and have been painted in nutmeg brown, midnight blue, barn red, thicket green and antique gold!

The box is 14" long.   

This lamp is PERFECT for the entryway, the bathroom, or any place you need some prim country lighted charm!

Makes a great gift too!


$18.95 +$6.50sh



Primitive Snowman Hat, Mittens, and Carrot Nose!

       Many, many years ago, a jolly ol' frosty man was built in a deep white snowfall that blanketed the earth!  He lived through winter and magically disappeared each Spring.  Every year, at the dawn of winter, the town's children welcomed him back to greet them from day to day! He proudly wore his stovepipe hat, his warm mittens and his carrot nose!

         Then one year, no children came, nor was the jolly, frosty man to be seen. The children grew old.  But tucked away in an attic were the very things that adorned the happy man in the the snow..........a little tattered, worn and aged...the stovepipe hat, the warm mittens, and the carrot nose! Story by Mulberrymemories! 2005.

         The hat is made from painted, baked and cinnamon grunged muslin. It's 9" tall and 11" wide across the brim.  It's tied with an old piece of homespun and a nice prim tag.

         The mittens are made from stained warm and natural and homespun cuffs. They have a homespun tie with a rusty tin snowflake on each! They are attached to each other with old fashioned jute and are 8" long and aged to prim perfection!

         The carrot nose is made from a cotton print that has been stained and tied at the top.

         This is a stunning display and comes with the story of the old man in the snow.


$24.50 + $6.50sh



Santa's on his way!

Spruce up a wall or your door with my new Old Saint Nick wreath!

I decorated a 14" tall by 12" wide grapevine wreath with some nice natural moss, my hand made, hand painted, Santa head, an ol' prim, tarnished. cloth star, a silly ol' grunged up crow, aromatic sprigs of real SAGE, some beautiful airy greenery, and some prim red berry flower stems!

The Santa is made from coffee stained muslin, with hand painted eyes, a sculpted nose, and real sheep's wool beard and hair!

He's wearing a wool hat with warm and natural batting trim sewn on, and a bell, wired with rusty tin wire, to the end!

The Santa head is 12" tall counting his hat and beard the way it is positioned on the wreath.

The crow is made from painted muslin that has been cinnamon and coffee grunged! It smells wonderful! 

He's 7" long!

The folkart star is made from painted muslin that has been specially painted to look tarnished! It's 3"tall by 5" wide.

No 2 will ever be alike since the faces are free handed by me.

$19.99 +$8.00 sh



Joy to the World!

3 Carolers!

These 3 Christmas Carolers sing the praises of the season in great style!

I made them from dyed muslin and beautiful velvety fabrics with nice fur trims stitched on each one.

They are each 10" tall and are free standing with bendable arms!

The redhead has her wool hair tied with a bow down the side.

She has her hands tucked warmly inside her fur muff!

The sandy blonde caroler is carrying a book.

The dark brown haired caroler has her hair tied nicely with a bow in the back. See the extra picture! She's also carrying a book.

All the carolers have old looking buttons sewn to the fronts of their coats!

The lamp is not included!

$18.00 + $4.80 sh



Gingerbread Faces Welcome lamp

How cute would this look lighting up a favorite corner of your country prim home?!

It's 5 cute littel 3" gingerbread heads, iced real nice, in an old antique Cheesebox, with lots of greenery, pip berries and some colorful fronds!

You get the electric lamp with 5 ornies and the greenery all tucked in snug in the old wood box!

$14.95 + $5.20 sh



Gingerbread Man Welcome LampStick!

This lamp is absolutely adorable for the gingerbread collector or for a special gift for the hard to buy for!

I made it on an antiqued electric candle lamp and added lots of nice greenery, some beautiful red Sweet Annie, and one of my hand made gingerbread's with homespun tied around his neck and a tiny little gingerbread cutter sewn on the tie!

The gingerbread is made from stained muslin that has been coffee and cinnamon grunged!

I tied on buttons to the front, painted the eyes, and added 'icing' all around, in just the right spots!

I added a nice piece of rusty star garland  and a piece of stained cheesecloth tied to the lamp.

The gingerbread is 7" tall!


$7.95 + $4.80 sh



Prim Heart Crows Door hanger!

Just the perfect touch for Valentine's Day and then all year round!

This can be used as a door hanger, or hang on a cabinet door, wall, any place you need some nice prim country charm!

The heart is made from color washed and stained muslin! It's been stained a barn red.

I made a pocket and hand stitched it on and filled it with beautiful, old fashioned, green and red Sweet Annie and dried pods.


Then I tied on an old rusty skeleton key with stained up cheesecloth!  It's all tacked in place so no worry about this falling off!


I positioned 3 of my color washed black crows around the heart and then added a nice rusty wire hanger on the back.

The crows have been coffee and cinnamon grunged and stitched to the heart at just the right positions! They are 4 1/2" long.

The heart is 16" tall and 10" wide.

The entire heart arrangement is 19" long, and 11" wide.

$12.00 + $5.40 sh




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